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About Us

Midra Solutions is a service delivery company that provides a combination of technology and media services.

We are led by certified professionals with expertise in Research, Design, Development and Delivery of high-end Technology Solutions services.

Our core competency, developed through extensive worldwide exposure to a variety of business processes, industries, and Technologies. Our strength lies in providing client focused Business Consulting and Re- Engineering of IT Services.

Core Values

We Are Commited To Delivering Value Added Services With The Following Core Values
▪ People’s Empowerment
▪ Professional people with a focus on
▪ Quality and service
▪ Creative people with Innovative thinking
▪ Building worth for our customers
▪ Reliable and dependable technology
▪ Provide superior customer service
▪ Protect the quality of the environment
▪ Ensure equal access to resources
▪ Encourage innovation/creativity



▪ Experienced professionals with proven track record for quality and on time delivery
▪ Partnership with world class technology companies
▪ Python, Java, .NET Developers
▪ SQL & No-SQL Experts



▪ Standard Project Management
▪ System Documentations
▪ Versioning & Change Management
▪ Agile System Development
▪ Software Quality Assurance
▪ Business & System Requirements Elicitation



▪ Enterprise Application
▪ System Integration
▪ Data Analytics & BI Integration
▪ Network Deployment and Implementation
▪ Cloud Services & Enterprise Mobility
▪ Web & Mobile.

Bespoke Solutions

Our Systems can integrate with a wide variety of other solutions both at the database and application layer.

System Integration

We are experienced with developing systems that can work with other solutions you currently use to achieve synergy.

Process Automation

We have solutions that can help speed up your operations either using process improvement tools or robotics.

Cloud / On-Premise

Our solutions are also easily deployed either on the Cloud or On-Premise. This is possible cause we make use of development strategies that does not lock-in our clients to a specific environment.

Realtime Background Processor

We have a reliable system that can run background processes at a specific time and in a pre-configured frequency. This can allow you run processes without physically been on your system and still achieve same results.

Our Portfolio

We have a variety of solutions. Some of which are listed below;

HR & Payroll

Manage employee documents & life-cycle from this system. Its also comes with very comprehensive reports & dashboard.

Digital Banking

Our Digital Banking Platform supports mobile/ussd/web channels. It also has integrations with VAS providers, NIBSS, BankOne and Woodcore Core banking systems.

Lead Management

Manage your sales team activities by using metrics to report and monitor various deals and their status. This system also escalates when deals are about to expire.


We have AI Chatbots that can run on Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype and Web. Our Chatbots maintain state across channels and can also send files.


Manage your financial accounting using a simple and feature-rich system with IFRS-compliant reporting. This system also integrates with disbursement


This awesome system allows you create classes and administer these classes to learners either within or outside your institution

USSD Manager

Manages USSD interactions in line with the responses from users and the backend APIs. It also allows new nodes to be added and makes use of NLP.

Process / Workflow (BPM)

This system allows you create workflows and forms. The workflows are BPMN 2.0 compliant and can be easily ported. The product also allows you to have custom rules and integrate with other systems in your environment.

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The need to implement a software solution is ever present in most business operations.

With adequate elicitation we can solve these problems and also shut down gaps in your efficiency drive.

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